Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Services

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One of the chief goals of nearly all organizations today is to enable data-driven decisions and actions. They want to achieve the “right data, for the right user, at the right time”. That’s where our Business Intelligence & Data warehouse services come as the main asset in reaching those objectives, pushing employees, managers and executives beyond reports and limited spreadsheet views to take advantage of more advanced data visualization and analytics, where they can accelerate exploration and discovery of valuable insights and apply them for business advantage.
The goal of Business Intelligence (BI) is to maximize decision impact in both real-time decision making and future-vision scenario modeling, with the ultimate goal of driving a business culture that is anticipatory and opportunistic with regard to operations, products and customers.
Our Business Intelligence & Data warehousing Service offering leverages the following technologies from SAP technology stack, namely: SAP Business Objects BI, SAP Lumira and SAP BW.