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Intercom banking development services provide banks with a competitive edge, allowing them to provide their corporate and retail customer base with the flexibility and convenience of managing their finances anywhere, anytime.
Intercom Banking Development services are based on an Omni-Channel Banking architecture that serves corporate and retail users accessing their online banking services from different channels ( Internet, mobile, SMS, and ATM) in a secure and efficient way. Our banking development services utilize Middle-ware layer that takes over the communication and data conversion between the different channels available for end-users and the back-end systems business layer (core banking, ATM, card system, etc). It also integrates with other third-party services, like Payment Gateway, E-Mail, SMS gateway.

Our banking development services offering leverages the following technologies from IBM technology stack, namely: Application Platform & Integration, Data repositories and Appliances, Analytics, Digital Experience, Information Integration and Governance, Security Management, Messaging & Collaboration, System Software.