Synchronized Software and System Development Services

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Our Synchronized Software and System Development Service offering helps you control the entire software development life cycle including:
Requirements Management: provides end-to-end visibility of requirements, Comprehensive support for recording, structuring, managing, and analyzing requirements and their traceability, Requirements are persistent at all levels of decomposition, Scalability for large projects, Trace requirements to development tasks and design models and Maintain a complete audit trail
Model Driven Systems Development: reduce costs and decrease time to market. Models help teams communicate more effectively, and can help you integrate and test your products much earlier in the development lifecycle. This reduces costs and increases quality, by enabling you to catch errors provides when they are much less expensive to fix, and by reducing rework.
Product and Portfolio Management: provides market – and business-driven product and portfolio management – helping executives and teams to make the right decisions to deliver business, customer and market value
Integrated Product Change Management: manage change in the various disciplines—software, electronics and mechanical—to ensure strong collaboration and track the impact of change wherever and whenever it occurs. You can also reduce the time it takes to propagate changes throughout the entire design team and increase the visibility of schedules, including the impact of requirement and product changes.
Software Development for Systems: make it easier to create software and systems that can turn innovative ideas and new requirements into reality. The key is being able to bring diverse, distributed development teams together to deliver new business products and services faster through collaboration and automation — and do it while leveraging your existing assets.
Our Synchronized Software and System Development Service offering leverages the following technologies from IBM technology stack, namely:Application Platform & Integration, Analytics, Internet of Things, Systems Middle-ware Management.