Enterprise Performance Management

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SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions from Intercom help CFOs and finance teams optimize their digital transformation initiatives and increase revenue and profitability by enabling better strategy, planning, analysis, optimization, closing and disclosing results.

SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management: this solution allows linking strategic goals to initiatives, key performance indicators (KPIs) and people to help managers and executives develop and execute strategic plans.

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation: this solution helps with streamlining top-down and bottom-up financial and operational processes, in addition to enabling finance teams produce financial statements for internal and external stakeholders quickly and accurately.

SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management: this solution helps organizations gain a deep understanding of both the current and future levers that affect organizational costs and profitability of key business dimensions. It provides visibility and insight into the factors that impact the bottom line and helps with the identification of profit-boosting opportunities.

SAP BusinessObjects Disclosure Management: this solution helps organization reduce external audit costs and allows faster closure of books by generating full audit trail and publication-ready reports, as well as providing digital accountability and process workflow. IBM Planning Analytics solution from Intercom helps organizations pull ahead of competition and stay agile for future challenges. The solution not only automates manual planning and helps with budgeting and forecasting processes, but also provides self-service analytics to all business users via an innovative planning workspace. The solution provides speed, agility and foresight by automating the planning process, adapting budgets and forecasts to the changing business conditions, aligning financial plans with corporate objectives and automatically uncovering predictive insights from your data.