Digital Transformation of Bank Operations

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SME Lending can be a long time and effort consuming process, especially after the CBE instructions to banks to raise their SME lending to 20%. This rapid growth in SME loans necessary to reach the required target will likely weaken the lending performance, a credit negative for Egyptian banks. SME Lending Approvals Automation solution from Intercom enables banks to make better commercial lending decisions & improve their lending services to SMEs. It is a workflow-driven web-based platform which allows banks and commercial lenders to accelerate credit assessment process, streamline approval cycles and deliver better lending services to SMEs. Features include: Adaptability to regulation changes: Quickly reacts to changing regulations, conditions and rules without affecting the running processes. Flexibility to work from any device: Supports Windows, IOS and Android operating systems. iScore automated check: Performs real-time required credit scoring checks. Seamless integration: Supports integration with core banking, CRM and archiving systems. Smart data entry: Reduces paperwork and data entry activities required by loan applications by using smart forms. Lending performance management: Tracks progress of loan requests through interactive dashboards and email alerts. Dynamic reporting: Provides real-time visibility into SME lending operations. Performance optimization: Monitors and recommends optimization changes to continuously improve the lending approval processes.