Internet Corporate Banking

Enables banks to provide their Corporate customers (SME’s) with banking services - inquiries, transactions and customer services in a secure and user friendly manner. Cash managementservices Maintain & cancel pending orders Make balance orders Batch transfers & payments Account Transfers Internal fund transfers Batch internal transfers Bill Payments On spot bill payments Schedule bill payments Maintain customer payees Batch bill payments Loan Payments On spot loan payment Schedule loan payment Cash Management Maintain accounts balance orders View Transfers History View transfers history Dynamic customer requests’ forms The form builder enables the bank officer to form & publish endless types of customer requests The bank officer can activate & deactivate the customer requests The bank officer can send comments to the customers The customer can send comments to the bank officer Multi users role based access and dynamic authorization model Corporate main user Maintain users profiles & access rights Manage the corporate accounts Maintain transactions workflow schemas Corporate user(s) Access the assigned services Apply his role authorities Customized services processing workflows Transactions Dynamic Workflow The transfers & the requests can be processed on the spot or via approved dynamic work. The transaction will be saved, reviewed & approved to be processed The work flow can be modified based on each corporate settings Notification services Periodic Account Balance Account Statement Issuance alert Account Activity Alert Custom notification services User profile updates Corporate profile updates Assign user password Change corporate customer registration status Change channel lock status Channel subscription renewal status Scheduled payments processing status Customer Position Accounts Loans Time Deposits Certificate of Deposits Cheques under collection Letters of Credit account (LCs) Letters of Guarantee account (LGs) Payments & Transfers Convenience Multi-currency supported transfers The currency exchange (FX) rate is retrieved at the transaction time The transactions’ amounts are validated not to exceed the transfers daily limit The transfers processing is managed through dynamic workflow schemas The system generates a success transfer receipt to be printed by the customer Transfers history