CBE Regulatory Reporting Solution

Intercom CBE Regulatory Reporting is a web-based product that creates an automated and efficient process for banks to quickly generate regulatory reports that adhere to the Central Bank of Egypt rules. Through a very easy-to-use interface, the solution extracts, calculates and processes data from different core and non-core banking system. At any-given point, generated reports are compliant, accurate and consistent; enabling banks to have the upper hand on the process and avoid potential reworks or penalties.

The Challenges Calculation Highly complex calculations Very short deadlines to send the reports to CBE Possibility of errors and inconsistency between the reports Data Extraction Collecting data from different bank systems Keeping history Handling incomplete information Data Processing Currency rates revaluation Translation from the bank products/account types to their equivalent in CBE reports Data traceability Reports generation in CBE requested formats Control & Compliance Ensuring all operations run in-time Preventing fraud Avoiding penalties for nonconformity to CBE rules Features Extract, Map and Calculate Data Intercom CBE Regulatory Reporting solution extracts raw data from multiple backend systems into data marts.

Using one single engine the raw data is automatically calculated after being mapped during set up in accordance with CBE terminologies and classifications along with CBE currency exchange rates.

Complete Missing Data In case some data that are required in CBE Sheets does not exist in the bank systems, these can be added to a System Supplementary Form to complement the CBE data during generation or it can be extracted from additional fields in the backend.

Built-in CBE Rules The solution provides out-of-the box, built-in CBE rules for classifications, terminologies and calculations. All reports are formatted according to CBE templates leaving no room for errors or dissimilar formatting.

Create Historical Reports The solution provides a system of archiving and versioning generated reports as a means of leveraging the historically accumulated information to produce other reports.

Control and Secure the Process Intercom CBE Regulatory Reports Solution enables banks to manage, track and secure all operational activities by assigning strict access rights for users and enabling full audit that ensures the authenticity of reports and operations. Generate Regular and Adhoc Reports With end-of-day extraction of data, users can simply drag & drop and easily generate regular and ad hoc reports with up-to-date data for regulatory reporting or for internal use.

Why Intercom CBE Regulatory Reporting Solution?

Experts in Banking Solutions Intercom has been reshaping the technology landscape of the banking industry since 1992 with expertise in core and non-core banking solutions. Intercom CBE Regulatory Reporting solution is part of a bouquet of in-house and partner-developed products.

Implemented in Top Banks Intercom CBE Regulatory Reporting is already deployed in multiple banks. The solution has been refined over time to provide out-of-the box, built-in CBE rules for classifications, terminologies and calculations that cover more than 50 CBE reports. Adaptable to New and Evolving Regulations The solution can be easily updated to comply with any changes and fit with new reports that the Central Bank of Egypt requests. Works with Different Banking Systems The solution supports integration with different core and non-core banking systems.

It can be further integrated with non-banking systems that carry information essential for CBE regulatory reporting or internal reporting. Benefits Comply with CBE Rules with Confidence With Intercom CBE Regulatory Reporting solution, banks are confident of the integrity and validation of their reports over time. There are no more risks of delays or duplications, errors in formatting, issues with calculations or potential penalties.

Boost Staff Efficiency With simple drags and drops, employees can easily generate the reports eradicating the once excessive staffing and over allocation for the job.

Increase Regulatory Reporting Accuracy and Consistency Time and effort that used to be consumed in report generation via manual operations or poor third-party solutions will no longer be incurred.

Keep Regulatory Process under Control At any given point in time, the whole process of reports generation can be monitored and tracked.