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Digital Enterprise Management
“Fast track digital business for the ultimate competitive advantage”

Having a Digital Enterprise means a more ergonomic business, Intercom Enterprises provide Digital Enterprise management in cooperation with BMC and Nexthink technologies. An integrated set of IT solutions designed to fast-track digital business for the ultimate competitive advantage, from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond. IT departments can create highly productive digital workplaces.

Digital Enterprises perform better compared to less digital ones, in terms of growth, profitability, and competencies.

Challanges of migration to digital business: In order for traditional businesses to evolve into digital enterprises, they need to constantly evolve and make iterative, continuous improvements, which include:

• An empowered, engaged workforce that is productive wherever they choose to work

• A modern, predictive, and service-aware IT service desk that is flexible and extensible

• Centralized accountability and quick, simple access to internal and external IT resources

• Enhanced development cycles that balance speed with quality

• Streamlined security processes that ensure proactive, ongoing risk mitigation

• The right tools and processes to translate big data into actionable insight

• IT infrastructure to balance the demand of existing applications with those of new digital services

Hence, we are proud to be Partner in Digital Enterprise Management with BMC and Nexthink

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