Social Collaboration

With SAP SuccessFactors Social Collaboration module from Intercom, organizations can drive and track the offline work that occurs when exceptions arise or when teamwork is required to address a business-critical issue. The solution helps teams connect, communicate, monitor discussions and system notifications for quick follow-up, in addition to enabling users to create and share content or video to express ideas. For HR, Learning and Knowledge management: the solution helps streamline key business processes for managers and executives, reduce training costs with informal learning, improve time to contribution for new employees and create and share goals collectively. For Sales and Service Teams: this solution helps sales teams to speed the sales cycle and increase efficiency through providing a collaborative opportunity management. It aids in increasing engagement with customers to build relationships and keep deliverables on track. The solution improves the time to contribution for new sales hired by connecting them with the right people, processes and content, and it also enables them to find and connect with experts needed to close key opportunities.