Talent Management

Recruiting: this module helps recruiters source, engage and hire the best talent while providing intelligence and guidance along every step of the recruitment process. Using this module, HR teams can post jobs with analytics, build talent pipelines and streamline hiring from mobile. Onboarding: this module helps to efficiently convert new hires into engaged and productive employees by providing guidance to the HR team through the steps of the onboarding process, connecting new hires with the right people and developing them quickly into productive employees. Learning: this module helps organizations and HR teams improve their workforce skills and employee productivity, reduce risk and help ensure compliance. It allows businesses to create a unique “extended enterprise” environments by extending learning to external audience such as partners, customers and franchises. Performance and Goals: this module helps managers to put employee performance at the center of the process so that they always have the direction, feedback and recognition. It allows creating a performance management process that accurately evaluates past performances and enhance future ones. Compensation: this module helps align compensation programs with business objectives, manage compensation budgets, recognize and reward employee contributions to instill a true pay-for-performance culture. Succession and Development: this module helps identify and address current and potential talent gaps and to develop and maintain a continuous supply of internal talent to fill critical roles. Using this solution, HR teams can analyze the organization’s talent supply and demand, measure the effectiveness of succession plans and empower employees to reach their fill potential.