Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

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Business Continuity: Since IT is a major success factor for any organization, it is essential that it should be continuously available to ensure that critical operations continue to be functional even during a disaster.

Clustering Services: Intercom offers collaborative clustering services to ensure that users have constant access to important server-based resources. We provide clusters that work together as a single system to guarantee high availability of services for our customers. In case of a failure in one of the components, resources are redirected & the workload is redistributed to another computer in the cluster, ensuring continuous availability.

Data Replication: Intercom is aware its customers can't afford anything less than a fully-working copy of their mission-critical data, delivered to them within a tight timeframe and in a ready-to-use state, in case a disaster should occur. Intercom Data Replication solutions can meet your most aggressive recovery time objectives (RTO) with copies of your mission-critical data generated every day and copied to a secure location.

Data Protection: Data Protection is a critical part to protect your organization against events that could result in data loss and achieve the goals of business continuity, data security, information lifecycle management, and the prevention of malware and computer viruses.

Intercom helps its customers protect their data through Enterprise Automated Backup to Disk solutions, either appliance or normal storage or standalone servers; in addition to Normal Sequential Backup to Tape solutions.