Applications and Data Security

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Intercom provides state-of-the-art application and data security solutions that help you gain visibility into existing vulnerabilities and effectively address them, eliminating the risks of unauthorized access, theft, modification or deletion of sensitive data. Our solutions include data loss prevention, data classification, encryption and one-time password (OTP). The offerings range also extends to include web application firewall and vulnerability scanning, as well as SSL certificates.

Data Classification

Data classification solutions organize data into categories to optimize its use and make it easy ...
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Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions are critical to controlling the disclosure of sensitive or critical ...
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Network and Endpoint Encryption Intercom provides File Share Encryption solutions to protect data on computers ...
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One-Time Password

One-Time Password (OTP) is a password that authenticates the user for a single session or ...
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SSL Certificates

Website security is ultimately about confidence and building a sense of trust with each visitor ...
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Web Application Firewall

  Web application firewall solutions is an effective method for detecting web applications security threats ...
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Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

In a world of ever-evolving virtualization, cloud, and mobility, cyber attacks are always on the ...
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