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“Since its establishment in 1992, Intercom has been a key player in the ICT market and one of the leading System Integrators in Egypt with a great track record full of accomplishments. The solid relationship with clients, rich portfolio of solutions and distinguished skills – in my view – were all behind the success Intercom has achieved since its inception.

Building on the success of the past 28 years, I firmly believe that Intercom is uniquely qualified to grow and provide exceptional value to the market, with the best-fit business solutions and highest quality of services. Our philosophy is characterized by a clear strategy to expand and achieve growth…we have a well-defined long term plan to extend our capacity to capture the current market opportunities in Egypt and the region and we are aggressively working on diversifying Intercom portfolio and capabilities to support our clients in their businesses across different economic sectors. In doing this, Intercom will stay absolutely committed to being always the trustable System Integrator for all clients.

I am really proud to lead Intercom in such exciting times and fully confident that together with the team we will achieve our vision to become the top System Integrator in the Egyptian Market. We solidly believe the best is yet to come, In fact, it is not just a belief…but rather our firm commitment.”

Ismail El Kammash
Managing Partner & CEO