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Defense and Security Forces organizations are always in an urgency to be armed with the latest technology tools and solutions to effectively manage their processes and operations. Our knowledge at Intercom of the Defense industry needs gives us an edge to deliver optimally tailored technology solutions that match the operational reality of our customers. We help them improve their readiness even in unpredictable conditions and optimize their overall operations effectiveness. Our solutions help mitigate operational risk and make the best use of equipment, information and personnel.
Military Survey Department
Defense Information Systems Department
Air Defense
Navy forces
National Defense Council
Moral Affairs for Armed Force
Ministry Of Military Production
Military Technical College
Military Engineers
Military College
Domiat hospital
EL Arish Cement Co.
Egyptian Armed Forces
International Medical Center
Military Management Center
Financial Authority For Armed Force
Air Defense Olympic Village
Egyptian Search and Rescue Center
Gypto Pharma
Damietta Furniture City