Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation

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 About Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation

Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation is an economic State Corporation affiliated to the Ministry of Petroleum. It was established under the law no. 135 of 1956, which was amended by law no. 167 of 1958, then by law no. 20 of 1976. EGPC main Objectives are as follows

  • Satisfy local demand of petroleum products
  • Enhance exploration activities and search for extra oil potentialities
  • Maximize oil production and enhance oil reserves development
  • Maximize petroleum exports revenues
  • Apply the international HSE standard measures

EGPC affiliated companies are 12 Public Sector Companies, 41 Joint Venture Companies, & 87 Investment Law Companies; in which EGPC is a shareholder, either by itself or through other affiliated companies. The main activities of these affiliated companies are Exploration, Development, Production, Refining, Processing, Transportation, Distribution, Drilling, Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, Maintenance, & Training. There are illustrations that depict the utilization of oil as a source of fuel.