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From: Saturday, October 03, 2015 09:00 AM
To: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 05:00 PM

Meeting regional development plans with turnkey Geomatics and LiDAR solutions in partnership with top global technology providers

Intercom Enterprises, a leading system integrator servicing the Egyptian market since 1992, has announced today that it is showcasing its latest Geomatics offerings, as an exhibitor, at the Regional Surveying & Development (SD) Conference, held from 03-06 October 2015 in Savoy hotel, Sharm El-Sheikh, Cairo, Egypt.

The SD conference is the first regional event where surveyors, Geomatics professionals, and scientists meet, exchange experience and share latest surveying and development technologies to examine their civil, scientific and military applications in mega projects that will serve local and regional development plans.

In the course of four days, Intercom will participate in this key event with its new Geomatics offering with its prestigious ecosystem of partners covering a rich range of turnkey, integrated Geomatics solutions with a focus on the latest Terrestrial and Airborne Survey technologies including LiDAR, Hyperspectral, RADAR and Photogrammetry solutions.

“Intercom Enterprises provides world-class consultancy, products, services, and training to ensure swift and effective deployment of its Geomatics solutions. The novelty, accuracy, and efficiency of equipment, software, and analysis will drastically cut down labor effort and time and help in accelerating the implementation of critical mega projects with highest degrees of success”, said Waleed Sultan, Managing Director, Intercom Enterprises.

Earlier in 2015, Intercom has presented its new solutions in specialized seminars for experts, students, and local authorities where it conducted live demos and test drives to showcase the latest Mobile Laser Scanning technologies and enable customers to test it first-hand.

“We are proud to have assembled a prestigious ecosystem of partners; the best in the Geomatics field. We are determined to work with them and integrate their solutions as it serves the needs of our customers across different industries”, added Sultan.

In the SD conference, Intercom booth #11 will host latest Geomatics technologies from its technology partners: Esri, Itres, REIGl, PhaseOne, UltraCam, Terrasolid, Mapping Solutions, SAP, and IBM.