Intercom targets 30% growth rate in 2020

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Intercom targets 30% growth rate in 2020

The Egyptian Castles – Intercom targets 30% growth rate in 2020

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Intercom, an integrated systems solutions company, has implemented projects worth one billion Egyptian pounds during the past year, planning to achieve a growth rate of 30% during the coming year, a senior company official said.
Ismail El-Kammash, Managing Partner & CEO of the company, added that the company will focus on providing integrated solutions to the banking, government, oil and telecom sectors, to achieve the aspired growth rate of 30%.
“Three months ago, the company established a new business unit dedicated for the information security solutions and gathers nearly 300 engineers,” he said, adding the company aims through the unit to bring about works worth LE300- 400 million during 2020.
Furthermore, the company works on qualifying its human cadres and exporting the experiences to the region’s markets in conjunction with the government’s adoption of a clear and ambitious plan towards implementing the digital transformation through the Ministry of Communications and the Administrative Control Authority, El-Kammash said.
He added that the company has already started communicating with its customers to activate the artificial intelligence applications, pointing out: “Intercom has its own technological solutions in various economic sectors, including electronic archiving solutions for the banking sector. These solutions work effectively for the Al Ahly National Bank, Banque Misr, Banque du Caire, CIB and QNB”.
Intercom is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1992 and acts as an agent for many international technology companies in the field of communication network systems and technology solutions, including in the IBM Cisco and Palo Alto companies.