Air Defense Olympic Village

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Customer name: Air Defense Olympic Village

Industry: Defense

Project Name: IP Surveillance solution

Offering: Extra Low Voltage

Customer Needs:

As all large area premises, Air Defense Olympic Village is requiring Fully IP Surveillance system to control and protect its premises in Air Defense Olympic Village, to help it to identify and recognize any sabotage, theft, or Disable any equipment, and also protect the life of its employees during the hours.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises offered the following camera system:

System based on tracking and investigating objects before it reach the factory premises with suitable distance that allow the security to prepare and move to the proper area to secure it.

  • The system is willing to cover the following areas: Fences, 9 Gates, Internal squares, Tunnel between VIP Gate and Electricity Room Gate.
  • This system will be fully IP Based, consist but not limited of the following items:
  • Wide Angle fixed outdoor Cameras to cover gates with dedicated cameras
  • Fence detection system with fixed cameras
  • Fence Recognition system using long range visual cameras with long range IR
  • HD PTZ cameras to over view and control the internal camp squares
  • Infrastructure cabling wired Fiber-Optics connect the cameras all over each site
  • Control Room at Administration Building
  • Video Management System S/W License
  • Recording and Archiving System at certain sites (Servers, PC’s, Storage, OS License) for at least 1 month with normal video view
  • Monitoring station with Video Wall capabilities
  • Work includes providing all materials, equipment, accessories, Services, hardware, software, tests and operation and maintenance documentation necessary to complete and make ready for operation

Solution Benefits:

  • Surveillance systems will be an IP based system utilizing Network cameras directly connected to Local Area Network (LAN). Surveillance system will be capable of monitoring, controlling and Image storing for cameras located at different areas through LAN/WAN.
  • Surveillance system will be used for monitoring in the process area and for security for fence, gates, and site internal operation.
  • Surveillance system on the fence should include tracking the movement and recognition of persons and objects through high quality images.
  • The system will provide full video control at the control rooms, with additional full selection capability at any point within the network from a workstation or a video console display.
  • System have scalability for future expansion
  • System must record all video recording for 15 days 24 hours with suitable frame rate not less than 15fps, with at least 10% spare in storage before RAID 5 Calculations.
  • The IP camera enclosure should be complying with heavy weather condition (offshore application).
  • The camera lux will be suitable for cloudy day and marine operating temperature.
  • The required cable for network should be high resist against weather conditions.
  • The proposed camera system have a facility to control camera PTZ during any person passing the fence through sensor and record the event in the system HD in addition alarm and automatic switching on the fence area lighting system.
  • Training for two weeks for field staff.