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Customer name: Arab International Bank

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Project Name: CBE Reporting & i-Score Solution

Offering: Banking

Customer Need:

Abiding with the regulations of the Central bank of Egypt (CBE) is mandatory for any bank to operate in Egypt. Part of every bank’s challenge is to abide to those regulations. AIB was seeking to find a solution that overcomes this challenge via a solution that generates CBE regulatory reports with considerations of all the rules and regulations that should be applied.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom CBE Regulatory Reporting is a web-based product that creates an automated and efficient process for banks to quickly generate regulatory reports that adhere to the Central Bank of Egypt rules. Through a very easy-to-use interface, the solution extracts, calculates and processes data from different core and non-core banking system.

Solution Benefits:

Intercom Enterprises offered AIB CBE regulatory reporting solution and IScore solution that will grant the bank with the following benefits:

  • Eliminating the time and effort required to transform the data from the bank naming and coding conventions to those of CBE and IScore.
  • Eliminating the time and effort required by bank staff to change the reports generation procedure (written programs and manual tasks) every time the bank introduces a new product or new collateral type.
  • Reviewing the CBE sheets in a maker/checker model to ensure sheets correctness before sending them to CBE.
  • Eliminating the risks of generating inconsistent IScore files that is subject to rejection upon submission to IScore.
  • Having access to historical sheets and files submitted to CBE and IScore with complete information of who generated them and when.

Project Name: Server consolidation, virtualization and disaster recovery project

Offering: IT Systems

Customer Need:

AIB was seeking to consolidate their infrastructure under one software to have a single point of management and monitoring. Moreover, they wanted to guarantee continuity of business against any Hardware and Software failures. Since Data protection can cost a lot to any organization, software defined storage is the key then, through implementing a single platform that can protect the whole infrastructure. Since, data is the greatest asset to any bank. Disaster recovery was a must as data can be replicated to any data center or to the cloud.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises proposed IBM (SVC) San Volume controller to AIB, which have multiple underlying solutions: replication, encryption, compression that speeds up data movement, fully integrated with hosts platform, which is VMware product.

Complete Data Center infrastructure renovation; using selected IBM and VMware product portfolio; including consolidation for all Intel-based and UNIX based systems in main site and disaster recovery site, using latest technology for replication from IBM using storage replication and VMware Site Recovery Manager; this project consists of around 10 UNIX LPARs and 60 Virtual Machines on Intel-based.

Solution Benefits:

The Solution provided the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Multi level of High Availability for Storage and Data Protection
  • Storage Virtualization for Consolidation and Centralization
  • Integrations: Components provided by the offered solution has very good integrations with each other as well as with the existing environment.
  • Administration: Through centralized administration provided for many of the existing and new solutions, this facilitate the ongoing administrative tasks required by AIB team post implementation.