Banque Misr

Customer name: Banque Misr 

Industry: Banking and Financial Services 

Project Name: IBM Storage upgrade and power upgrade solution

Offering: IT systems

Customer Need:

Banque Misr business need was to implement a cloud ready solution that required certain hardware systems that will eventually enhance the performance of critical system.

The Solution and its added value:

After studying the business, need of Banque Misr to enhance the performance of the critical system. The hardware solution Intercom Enterprises proposed was IBM Flash System 900, DS8870 Capacity Upgrade and IBM VTL Capacity Upgrade.

Solution Benefits:

This upgrade offered Banque Misr various benefits:

  • Improvement of systems responsiveness.
  • Higher return on IT investment.
  • Advanced virtualization that is highly desirable in banking industry.

Project Name: Data Loss Prevention Solution

Offering: Security

Customer Need:

Banque Misr need was to protect their confidential data across the three threat vectors (Endpoint, Network and Storage). Intercom Enterprises offered Data Loss prevention security solution.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises implemented the full Symantec DLP suite to protect sensitive data from leaving the Bank from end user machines protecting all endpoints. Complete Endpoint Security solution to protect against attacks, improve threat detection and monitoring, and reduce the administrative burden of protecting endpoints against known and unknown threats.

Solution Benefits:

The storage module was implemented to protect their share point environment, File servers and database. Additionally, the network module was implemented to monitor and protect the traffic leaving the bank whether through mail or web traffic. It prevents intrusions and stop attacks before they reach endpoints, protect endpoints from known and unknown threats using advanced threat detection and prevention through an all in one agent that combines antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, personal firewall, device and application control.