Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics

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Customer name: Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics

Industry: Government and Public sector

Project Name: Network infrastructure upgrade solution

Offering: Networking

Customer Need:

The agency needed to replace the old infrastructure with a new one with the aim of achieving high stability, scalability, data integrity and capacity because the collected data is varied (structured and unstructured), high in velocity and volume. In addition to the need to link 10 Gigabit Ethernet of active networks parts for full redundancy without deploying extraneous equipment.

Data integrity is a critical aspect especially for the census as it is performing a real-time data analysis, so the data has to be secured and verifiable. The solution has to transfer and store numerous amount of structured and unstructured data as well as access and process stored data in parallel to achieve high reliability and minimize deployment and operational risk. These features have been always at the center of Intercom’s rendered integrated solutions for Data Center networking.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom brought to table Cisco Nexus data center networking solution that is divided into four switches which are; Cisco Nexus 7710, Cisco Nexus 2248, Cisco Catalyst 2960X and Cisco Data Center Network Management.

Solution Benefits:

This family of switches helps in:

Providing 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to make it easier in scaling the network and providing high speed with redundant 10G uplinks for the users to access resources in the Data Center.

Implementing newly high-speed census infrastructure, which helps in reducing hardware, DC storage, and power.

Managing and provisioning the switches automatically which may result in cutting off the provisioning time to just a few minutes.

Implementing Cisco Nexus data center networking solutions is identified not only for its immense scope but also for its tight schedule and execution timeframe. A key to a successful implementation was that Intercom had all the needed resources and team structure intertwined efficiently. CAPMASS has optimized its integrated ICT arsenal with greater network manageability in handling today’s big-data demands. In addition to evaluating and analyzing all needed data with low latency and vulnerability, hedge customer business threats and reduce cost manifold.