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Customer Name: Commercial International Bank

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Project Name: SAP Business Intelligence consultation services

Offering: Analytics

Customer Need:

In addition to data optimization, CIB needed to overcome other business challenges such as improving profitability and competitiveness, reducing costs, improving workforce productivity and effectiveness. In addition, CIB was seeking to implement simple solutions that would help the employees with their daily operations.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises offered CIB SAP Business Intelligence solution for a consultation and a full-fledged implementation, functional and operational skill transfer services.

Solution Benefit:

The reaped benefits of the deployed solution were:

  • An optimized licensing; measure the Active / Inactive / Concurrent Users.
  • A scaled up BI servers; Jobs running, failing, average report execution time.
  • An optimized environment; out-of-date content cleansed to track most used and unused reports.
  • Ability to measure system usage; analyze and segment the users’ base depending on their activity, identify reports they interact with and the tools they use.
  • Minimized impact of changes; execute impact analysis of changes to universe and reports and identify reports with lost references.
  • Ability to evaluate security models; gain insights to the user access matrix by folder and user/group structure, detect explicit rights for users to drive best practices.
  • Ability to detecte performance challenges and end-user behavior; identify end-users running complex jobs and key reports requiring optimization and system challenges.
  • Proctivity; Ability to conduct Preventive maintenance activities to fine tune the environment

This solution offered additional benefits such as:

  • Unified and highly personalized / enhanced UI and improved interoperability across the BI suite.
  • Expanded mobile BI functionalities
  • Trusted Data Discovery
  • Intuitive self-service
  • Big picture insights and granular details
  • Advanced insights with predictive analytics

Project Name: Remote Capture and Enterprise Content Management development services

Offering: Information Management

Customer Need:

CIB was facing the challenge of un- centralized data in one area. Consequently, delays took place in the daily operations as a lot of time is lost to reach certain data.

Project Solution Description:

In this project, Intercom Enterprises offered CIB to build custom Enterprise Content Management (ECM) User Interface Widget that can be added to CIB existing Oracle Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application to pave the way for the migration of Xerox Application Content from the old content manager to the new IBM FileNet solution.

As a 1st milestone, such custom Widget objective is to intake user credentials and process ID to be able authenticate automatically against FileNet to grant access to specific application related content for the provision of various document management capabilities. As a 2nd milestone, a full-fledged migration of Xerox Application Content from the old content manager to a newly consolidated Xerox ECM that contains IBM FileNet content engine comprehensive applications in one centralized area.

Solution Benefits:

The application of our solution granted CIB several advantages like:

  • Ease of maintainability
  • One version of the truth
  • Capability of data classification
  • Faster processing time

Project Name: Data Loss Prevention and Encryption solution 

Offering: Security

Customer Need:

Commercial International Bank requirement was data loss prevention and Encryption, as they wanted to protect their confidential data.

Project Solution Description:

Complete Data Loss Prevention and Encryption solution to protect and prevent the leakage of confidential data across the three threat vectors (Endpoint, Network and Storage). The Full Symantec DLP suite was implemented to protect sensitive data from leaving the Bank from end user machines protecting 5000+ Endpoints.

Solution Benefits:

The storage module was implemented to protect their share point environment, File servers and database. Additionally, the network module was implemented to monitor and protect the traffic leaving the bank whether through mail or web traffic. Complete Endpoint Security solution to protect against attacks, improve threat detection and monitoring, and reduce the administrative burden of protecting 6000+ endpoints against known and unknown threats. It prevents intrusions and stop attacks before they reach endpoints, protect endpoints from known and unknown threats using advanced threat detection and prevention through an all in one agent that combines antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, personal firewall, device and application control.

Project Name: IBM Power 8 servers consolidation solution

Offering: IT systems

Customer Need:

Economic conditions are causing ongoing business challenges. These range from consolidation via mergers and acquisitions, to new services supported via multiple channels that are demanded by empowered customers. Banks such as CIB know that smarter computing provides for the creation of an IT infrastructure that is designed for data—using enterprise systems to unlock insights and make better, more informed choices. Banks are embracing smarter computing to insure that critical data is always available across the enterprise, making it accessible in new ways so that actionable insights can be derived from business and operational analytics. This provides a 360-degree view of the customer and enables banks to personalize offers based on trusted information

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises provided CIB the following:

  • Enterprise servers consolidation for all of the UNIX servers into Power servers from IBM built on latest Power 8 processors
  • Enterprise storage consolidation for all of the existing separated storages into new high-end storage from IBM using Shark DS8800 enterprise storage and its virtualization
  • Migration for all of the separated critical business applications to the new Power 8 and high-end storage infrastructure
  • Build data replication between main site and disaster recovery sites using replication mechanism for the IBM Shark storage replication (Global Mirror) Asynchronous mechanism

Solution Benefits:

  • Delivers twice the performance per core versus the competition1, with enterprise scalability for the most demanding data centric applications
  • Manages fluctuating business demands with dynamic, on-demand private cloud capacity
  • Minimizes risk with secure delivery of data and services on a proven, reliable platform
  • Enables open innovation and choice for AIX®, IBM i and Linux