Dakahlia Water and Sanitation Company

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Customer Name: Dakahlia Water and Sanitation Company

Industry: Government and Public Sector

Project Name: Data center network and application infrastructure renovation turnkey project

Offering: IT Systems and Data Center

Customer Need:

Companies nowadays are striving to achieve highest technology levels to be able to compete in the market and maintain their market shares. Dakahlia water and Sanitation Company were seeking to upgrade their outdated IT infrastructure, build new robust environment capable of carrying company’s new services renovations and enhance operation performance.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises expertise studied the need of our customer and offered the following solutions that covered different technology areas and enhanced the data center of Dakahlia water and Sanitation Company to meet their needs:

10/40G Networking Solution consist of:

Cisco Active Networking

Legrand Fiber/UTP Structured Cabling

Security Solution consist of:

  • Cisco Datacenter Firewall
  • Cisco Perimeter Firewall
  • Cisco Network Access Control
  • Symantec End-Point Security

VMWare Virtualization Solution

Cisco Unified Computing System

IBM Enterprise Storage

VERITAS Backup Solution

Schnider Electric APC Datacenter Cabinets

Schnider Electric APC Uninterruptable Power Supply

Solution Benefits:

Intercom Enterprises proposed integrated solutions satisfy the customer need and offer various benefits to Dakahlia Water and Sanitation Company. New IT infrastructure enabled our customer run latest technology applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and invoicing. Added to this, secure the environment and protect company’s data across all services and transactions. Maintain system reliability and availability through high performance equipment supported with market leading vendors to provide technical support and periodic updates and upgrades.