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Customer Name: Damietta Furniture City

Consultants: Khatib & Alami

Industry: Defense

Project Name: Surveillance solution

Offering: Extra Low Voltage

Customer Need:

Damietta Furniture city idea is to transform the city of Damietta into an integrated and specialized city in the furniture industry by developing the industry on different bases like designing and development of production lines. Since Damietta Furniture City is a huge site, keeping it under control and protection may be a challenge. Consequently, DFC were seeking full Surveillance Solution covering the city including Backend Servers, Storage and passive and active network infrastructure.

Project Solution Description:

  • The Project comprises 200 Outdoor Bullet Outdoor CCTV Cameras with Infrared illuminators from Bosch covering the City mounted on Lighting Poles.
  • The Active Network Design is based on Star Topology using (50) Industrial Switches installed inside Outdoor cabinets. The Passive Infrastructure is composed of about 30Km of single mode fiber optic armored cables, Fiber optic enclosures, Fiber Optic Patch panels and ODFs.
  • The Backend consists of Core switches, Servers, and 30 days storage, the project control room is prepared with a video wall using 43’’ screens and workstations.

All products used were from Bosch, Milestone, Promise, Panduit, Comnet

Solution Benefits:

The full surveillance solution will make the whole city under control. A major benefit the solution provides is that it helps to identify and recognize any sabotage, theft, or Disable any equipment, and protect the life of any civilians, protects the asset of the project. Moreover, having a full surveillance solutions reduce time wasted in monitoring everything closely as it allows remote monitoring.