Customer Name: DMG

Industry: Manufacturing and Commercial Sector

Project Name: SAP Business Intelligence & Performance Analytics solution

Offering: Analytics

Customer Need:

DMG an Engineering, Real Estate and Hospitality Company required a solution to enable management to access up-to-date, consistent business intelligence from everywhere in the construction lifecycle. This was an essential necessity for DMG to easily and effectively supervise project and business management and allow them to analyze operations including profitability, cash flow, resource productivity & utilization, risk management and bid planning and optimization.

Project Solution Description:

In order to provide DMG with the required performance analytics solution, Intercom Enterprises suggested SAP BusinessObjects Performance Analytics for EC&O analytical application due to its focus on two key areas: project performance management and business performance management. The in-depth analytical abilities of this software permits businesses to keep track of their financial management, resources and projects and govern their specific KPI’s (key performance indicators) in the form of tabular reports, project performance management dashboards and business performance management dashboards. The Business Intelligence (BI) platform consists of a number of reporting applications that allow users to discover data, perform analysis to derive insights and create reports that visualize insights.

Solution Benefits:

The innovative analytic application Intercom Enterprises supplied DMG has given strategic and operational insight, improving their overall success by enabling them to manage their operations, mitigate financial risk, maximize resource productivity and increase project profitability, by giving DMG improved visibility into project and business data. Intercom Enterprises delivered full BI Platform training to DMG’s IT team, inclusive of SAP BI Platform Administration Servers and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design to finalize the project and ensure DMG were able to utilize the solutions provided to the full extent.