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Customer Name: Egyptair Airlines

Industry: Government Sector

Project Name: Data center servers, storage, virtualization and backup solution

Offering: IT Systems

Customer Need:

Egypt Air Ground Services were in need of redundant new infrastructures – hardware and software composed of servers, backup software, storage, VMware environments and network switches. In addition to building a new dynamic datacenter design using VMware technology.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises supplied Egypt Air Ground Services with the IBM V7000 data storage system which is an enterprise-class solution that offers the advantages of IBM Spectrum Virtualize software. It can aid with lowering capital and operational storage costs with heterogeneous data services while optimizing performance with flash storage, utilizing hybrid cloud technology without having to replace current storage systems. Additionally intercom provided Lenovo’s x3650 M5 Rack Server which has been specifically designed for diverse, business-critical workloads. Intercom selected this server due to the industry leading security and reliability along with its flexible storage configurations, energy-efficient TruDDR4 Memory and the versatile 2U 2-socket rack server that runs 24/7. Furthermore Intercom Enterprises recommended VMware Vsphere Essentials kit, renowned for delivering an industry-leading virtualization platform enabling Egypt Air Ground Services to visualize their physical servers and centrally manage these servers, reducing hardware costs and increasing operating efficiency with a low upfront investment. To ensure Egypt Air Ground Services data is protected we suggested Veritas Backup EXEC software which delivers fast, cost-effective, unified backup and recovery for cloud-ready organizations. The backup EXEC gives simple, complete backup and recovery protection to cover all data wherever it resides. Lastly we suggested top-of-rack switching, a network architecture design in which computing equipment like servers, appliances and other switches located within the same or adjacent rack are connected to an in-rack network switch.

Solution Benefits:

Through supplying Egypt Air Ground Services with redundant new infrastructures, Intercom Enterprises have provided business continuity with always-available IT. Reducing their overall IT footprint and simplifying management by improving service levels and application quality and strengthening security and data protection. Intercom have conducted full training on the VMware vSphere, including installation, configuration and management. Ensuring Egypt Air Ground Services are able to utilize this powerful, flexible and secure foundation designed for business agility, enabling them to support new workloads and use cases while keeping pace with the growing needs and complexity of their infrastructures.