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Customer name: Egyptian Steel

Industry: Manufacturing and Commercial sector

Project Name: Business Warehouse and analytics solution for SAP systems

Offering: Analytics

Customer Need:

Competition levels in the market are reaching their peaks nowadays and the corporates are seeking to deploy the latest technologies available to be able to cope with the severe competition. Egyptian Steel Company was seeking to implement an analytical tool that provide them with the required reports to improve the business and be ready for any sudden changes in the market.

Project Solution Description:

Egyptian steel business need was an analytical tool. As a certified SAP Gold Partner, we offered SAP BI/BW with eight Analytical Dashboards that were deployed on both Desktop and Tablets. Sixteen Interactive (ad-hoc) Reports, covering the (Actual Vs Budget, Actual Vs Previous Years, Sales and Cost Comparisons) – Self-Services Tools Capabilities (Explorer/Lumira).

The covered areas are:

  • Sales Performance Analytics.
  • Production Performance Analytics.
  • Financial GL Analytics.
  • HR Head Count Analytics.
  • Inventory Control Reports.
  • Commercial Analytics.
  • Operational Analytics.

Solution Benefit:

The solution provided the following benefits to Egyptian Steel:

  • Proactivity and identification of needs
  • Mitigating risks
  • Improving customer experience

Yasser Abdelhalim

"Thanks to all Intercom team members who have participated in this exceptional and challenging project, all the best for Intercom team."