Emaar Misr

Customer name: Emaar Misr

Industry: Manufacturing and Commercial Sector

Project Name: Data Loss Prevention Solution

Offering: Security

Customer Need:

As a huge corporate Emmar Egypt has large amount of confidential data that they are always seeking to protect and maintain. Their business need was a solution that protect these data and avoid its loss.

The Solution and its added value:

Intercom Enterprises offered Emmar a Data security solution. There are four pillars of this project, Symantec DLP for Endpoint, Symantec Endpoint Encryption, Symantec File and Folder Encryption and Solution Implementation.

Solution Benefits:

This project granted Emmar Complete Data Loss Prevention and Encryption solution to protect and prevent the leakage of confidential data across the three threat vectors (Endpoint, Network and Storage). The Full Symantec DLP suite has been implemented to protect sensitive data from leaving the system from end user machines protecting Endpoints.