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Customer name: Emirates NBD

Industry: Banking Sector

Project Name: Power Systems infrastructure solution for SAP HANA

Offering: IT Systems

Customer Need:

Emirates NBD required support for their SAP HANA on Power Systems Infrastructure hardware and software stack to ensure optimal running and eliminate outages caused by the lack of proactive support services needed to optimize system performance. To effectively manage hardware and software issues collectively without having to determine the source of each issue, Emirates NBD were in need of an integrated, centralized and coordinated support structure solution to ease management, improve uptime and enhance their overall business efficiency.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises provided Emirates NBD with IBM Power Systems S822 Server which is ideal for consolidation of multiple applications and infrastructure workloads in a virtualized environment, enabling them to scale up virtual workloads. Delivering intensive business transaction processing capability for data-centric solutions. The S822 server supplies high performance per core as well as per socket with POWER8 processors, support for CAPI accelerator devices and hot-plug PCIe functionality. This total support solution for SAP HANA on Power Systems Infrastructure helped Emirates NBD to optimize uptime and performance of their HANA infrastructure through end-to-end support. This single point of contact helps prevent problems, eases problem resolution and facilitates cost efficiencies for the SAP HANA Infrastructure and included IBM-patented diagnostics tools, superior parts inventories and special access to IBM Lab expertise. Designed to drive data-centric applications faster and more efficiently, IBM Power Systems pushes the physical and virtual boundaries of data center technology with innovation.

Solution Benefits:

The implemented solution Intercom Enterprises offered Emirates NBD is designed for data and analytics and delivers secure, reliable performance in a compact 4-socket system, which enables the reduction of IT costs through application consolidation. This networking system can flexibly scale to rapidly respond to changing business needs and boasts superior cloud economics, investment protection and faster insights. This has enabled Emirates NBD to increase their productivity and performance by removing constraints imposed by commodity architecture and allowed them to consolidate multiple applications and infrastructure workloads in a virtualized environment. In addition to this they were able to reduce energy consumption due to the use of advance energy control.