Medical City

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Customer Name: Medical City

Consultants: ECG

Industry: Defense Sector

Project Name: Passive infrastructure for Fence CCTV solution

Offering: Extra Low Voltage

Customer Need:

Egypt largest Medical City is established with the purpose of meeting the country’s needs of pharmaceutical chemicals and antibiotics. The challenge of this project was that the Pharmaceutical Building must be a highly sterilized Environment; there were no Conduits, Cable trays allowed to pass. Even the Building as no False Ceiling as it was composed of standard clean rooms walkable ceiling grid. The Room walls were composed of pre-manufactured partitions with Grades B, C and D.

Project Solution Description:

After studying the needs of the customer, we proposed to install the IT Racks in the Mechanical Floor inside Glass air-conditioned Rooms and to open the Mechanical Floor Slab beneath these racks. The cable trunks originating from each rack carrying the Cat6A Copper cables passes through these openings in order to reach the Walkable Ceiling Grid. Galvanized flexible Conduits  are then used to carry the Cat6A Copper cables from the Cable Trunks Network to each Network Outlet location from above the ceiling Grid. Network Outlets are then fixed to the partitions in a pre-manufactured cavities and cables passed from the Top of the ceiling Grid to the outlets inside pre-prefabricated routings inside each partition. Our scope in this project was to Supply, Install, Test, and commission the full Passive Infrastructure for the Traditional Pharmaceutical Plant Building, which is one of the largest Pharmaceutical Plant buildings in Egypt. The brands used are Commscope and Rittal.