Customer name: Orange Egypt

Industry: Telecommunication Sector

Project Name: Mobile network Geo dashboard and analytics solution

Offering: Analytics solutions

Customer Need:

Orange is one of the largest telecommunication companies worldwide that serves a huge percentage of the Egyptians. And since they have thousands of sites all over Egypt. They had a need to make sure that all sites connects together efficiently and they needed to gather data as fast as possible to be able to maintain the level of service provided. It was crucial to detect any issue that arises and the exact geographic location where the issue occurred.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises offered SAP Business Intelligence solution that generates dashboards, reports based on Esri’s GIS technologies that provide geographical data. The solution provides a map with all the required details and all the information needed about the entire network. Intercom Enterprises professional team had the solution up and running in a remarkable timeline.

Solution Benefit:

This solution allowed upper management to have 24/7 access to all Orange Egypt locations, and all the data they needed to every node in the network. Since the solution shows the status of every node on the network whether it is active or down this reduces any downtime that might affect the customer service

Yasser Shaker

"Mobinil is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Middle East, we have over 30 million customers that we serve inside Egypt. We work tirelessly to ensure that they can rely on our services wherever they are 24/7. Intercom Enterprises has worked effectively together with us to integrate SAP and ESRI GIS technologies. We continue to provide Egypt’s best customer experience."

Mohamed Afify

Head of Network Service Management
"Our 2G & 3G networks cover all Egypt with over 6500 physical sites and over 30 switches. This network provides 99.83% coverage to the people of Egypt We need to know exactly what is going on with each and every site and make sure all is working perfectly. It’s imperative to immediately recognize any issues that may arise and know the precise geographic location where the issue occurs.”

Mohamed Zaki

Senior Manager, OSS & Configuration
"Working together with Intercom we implemented SAP BI ( Business Intelligence) solution It’s a superb Geo-analytics dashboard solution based on ESRI cutting-edge GIS technologies At any given point we have a rich visual map that provides a bird’s eye-view for the entire network while providing interactive, comprehensive and up-to-date information about the entire network. This solution has been steadily and efficiently working since then boosting operations across multiple departments."