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Customer Name: Petrobel

Industry: Oil and Gas

Project Name: Distributed enterprise backup solution

Offering: IT systems

Customer Need:

Since Petrobel is one of the largest petroleum companies in Egypt, they were seeking NetBackup that protects large data center environments.

Project Solution Description:

The solution Intercom Enterprises was implementing Enterprise Backup Solution across four sites, including one main site, two branches, and one disaster recovery site; this was implemented using Veritas NetBackup appliances technology and NetBackup Enterprise Software and its replication mechanism as AIR (Automatic Image Replication) technology.

Solution Benefits:

  • Comprehensive protects all data and supports virtually every popular server, storage, hypervisor, database, and application platform used in the enterprise today.
  • Scalable–High performance, elastic automation, and centralized management based on a flexible, multitier architecture enables NetBackup to adapt to the growing needs of a fast-paced, modern enterprise data center.
  • Integrates at every point in the technology stack to improve reliability and performance, open Storage Technology (OST) provides even tighter integration with third-party storage and snapshot solutions. NetBackup continues a long tradition of bringing advanced technologies to market first. No backup software has won Best of VM-world as many times as NetBackup.
  • Lastly, NetBackup has led the industry as the most popular enterprise data protection software by market share and is used by many of the largest enterprises on the planet.

Project Name: Data center renovation turnkey project

Offering: Data Center

Customer Need:

Petrobel were seeking complete relocation for the entire existing Network and Hardware infrastructure to the Temporary location with the least possible downtime as downtimes may cause major losses to any company. The objective of this project is to renovate and implement full preparation for the Data center located at Petrobel HQ building including Data Center UPS’s, Power electrical panels, Electrical cables, HVAC cooling system, Racks, PDU’s, Fire Alarm & firefighting System and earthing system, CCTV, Access Control and All Civil and Architectural Works.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises experts proposed the following to Petrobel, Turnkey Data Center (Server Room) renovation project including: design and implementation consisting of (12) Racks upgradable to (16) to cope with future expansion supporting high-density Blade Servers, Power Servers technology and midrange Storage array frames. The Scope of work includes the following:

  • Preparing the Temporary location electromechanical environment.
  • Relocating the current IT Equipment to the Temporary location with minimum downtime.
  • Civil and Interiors Architectural and Civil works comprising construction of fire rated walls, partitions, false ceiling, raised floor, Doors, Ramps case, Steel Works, and associated works.
  • Power Distribution System comprising of Modular UPS system, LV panels, power distribution and earthing.
  • In row Cooling System comprising of Precision Air‐conditioning System for the server farm.
  • Life Safety & Security Systems: Life Safety & security systems.
  • PDU’s and IT racks.
  • Passive structured cabling system infrastructure.
  • Testing, Start-up and commissioning.
  • Design according to TIA-942 with Tier II classification.
  • Documentation, Maintenance and Record keeping during Warranty period.
  • Warranty of the Datacenter for a period of Three years from the date of completion of the project and acceptance.

The Electromechanical System is designed as per APC Schneider components standards and specs, which are considered the leading design in the industry of Data Center. All components used such as UPS’s, IT Racks, PDU’s, HVAC cooling System, Containment, DCIM monitoring system, and electrical panels provides all of the main electromechanical equipment were provided by APC Schneider.

Solution Benefits:

By implementing this project Petrobel enjoyed various advantages as they have latest advanced technologies that meet not only the current needs but also the trends and future needs in the next 5 to 10 years. The most flexible and scalable design for future expansion and upgrade in which Equipment, IT Racks, In-Row Cooling units and UPS can be expanded on Modular basis. Centralized management to support and assist the engineering and IT Teams work and operations in addition to reducing maintenance workload and minimizing the downtime.