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Customer Name: The United Bank

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Project Name: Complete Data Center Renovation

Offering: IT systems

Customer Need: 

The United Bank was seeking a high level of data protection and Storage. As a result, Intercom Enterprises offered complete renovation of the infrastructure of the bank.

Project Solution Description: 

Complete Data Center infrastructure renovation; using VMware product portfolio; including consolidation for all Intel based and UNIX based systems in the main site and disaster recovery site, using latest technology for replication from IBM using storage replication and VMware Site Recovery Manager; this project consists of around 12 UNIX LPARs and 180 Virtual Machines on Intel-based.

Solution Benefits: 

The Solution provided the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Multi level of High Availability for Storage and Data Protection
  • Storage Virtualization for Consolidation and Centralization
  • Integrations: Components provided by the offered solution has very good integrations with each other as well as with the existing environment.
  • Administration: Through centralized administration provided for many of the existing and new solutions, this facilitate the ongoing administrative tasks required by AIB team post implementation.

Project Name: Retail mobile banking and corporate Internet Banking solutions

Offering: Banking and Financial services

Customer Need: 

It was imperative for The United Bank of Egypt to update their banking software to be able to provide their corporate and Retail customers with banking services such as: inquires, transactions, customer requests and notification services through a secure and user friendly web application that was also accessible on smartphones.

Project Solution Description: 

Intercom Enterprises provided The United Bank with BankNet software. Firstly the Corporate module which enables banks to provide their corporate customers with banking services through a secure, user friendly and attractive web application. The application services are designed in multi users’ access role based model and dynamic transactions processing workflow in order to satisfy the corporate users need. The corporate customers will be able to view and save their accounts, cards, loans etc. along with transferring funds between accounts and payment services. All transactions will go through three steps to ensure the accuracy of the transfer information. This module will allow corporate banking customers to handle all aspects of their banking requirements online such as, bulk transfers, bill payments, on-spot payments, loan payment and repeat payments. In addition to cash management and viewing payment and transfer history. The corporate customers will benefit from being able to make a user profile and maintaining their corporate user profile, apply for products and have access to accounts services. The second module supplied to The United Bank was the mobile banking application for retail customers which enables banks to provide banking services to their retail customer through their smartphones. The application services are designed in two models; open access services for unsubscribed users and closed access services for subscribed users. Both models are presenting a business value to the banks customers and are aimed at attracting new potential customers. The open access services for all customers will feature account interest rate fees, deposit and certificate interest rates, ATM and Branch Locator, Foreign exchange rates, bank offers and product and services. To give prospective customers the opportunity to be fully informed about the banks services, offers and rates. The closed services section for subscribed users will provide full financial service management

Solution Benefits: 

The software solution provided by Intercom Enterprises has allowed The United Bank to improve their user experience and gain new custom by meeting their customers’ expectations and satisfying the demands of the digital-savvy consumers and leveraging emerging technologies, while complying with regulation and constantly innovating. Offering their customers convenience by allowing them to check their balances and account information on their smartphones has massively improved the customer experience. The software has lowered The United Banks expenses whilst providing a signification return on investment. As well as engaging their mobile banking customers through holding more products from the financial institution. The software solution has resulted in an improved customer experience, better security and allowed The United Bank to save time and money.