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Customer name: Vodafone

Industry: Telecommunication

Project Name: Power Systems and Power virtualization solution for oracle applications

Offering: IT Systems

Customer Needs:

Vodafone realized that the market is growing; they wanted a solution that makes them ready for modern workloads and systems that achieve high levels of performance. Vodafone serve millions of users and have huge number transactions daily. As a result, they are seeking systems that are dynamically optimized and allows growth of applications and database workloads.

The Solution and its added value:

Intercom Enterprises in this project understood the business needs of Vodafone Egypt, which are a proven and clear technology roadmap with low investment risk, need virtualization. Technology that allows Vodafone to be ready for modern day workloads, support extreme server consolidation, the suggested technology is the new enhanced IBM Power Systems, featuring the latest power processors and Power VM® virtualization.

Solution Benefits:

IBM Power Systems Moreover, the benefits of this technology are simple install and configuration, intuitive user interface, Resource pooling and placement policies, On-going optimization, managing existing VMs, targeted VM placement for deployment, VM templates.