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Customer Name: Zaki Hashem and Partners

Industry: Manufacturing and Commercial Sector

Project Name: FileNet Enterprise Content Management solution

Offering: Information Management

Customer Need:

Zaki Hashem and Partners had a sever challenge regarding their content management. As they did not have a system to save all their legal documents. Consequently, they had several hurdles like documents duplication, lost content and search capability difficulties.

Project Solution Description:

Upon analyzing and identifying the points of pains, Intercom Enterprises offered an archiving solution that is based on IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – FileNet that addressed and provided the users with the following several advantages.

Solution Benefit:

Firstly, an automatic fixed system of folder structure for all their customers and this overcomes the search problems, lost content and speeds up the navigation process in the customer’s folders. Secondly, applying automatic uniform standard reference number for all Archived documents, which organize and control company documentation. Added to the previous advantages IBM FileNet associate meta-data with archived documents to utilize the search operation and enriches the extracted information for each customer, folder, and document. Another feature of the archiving system is to document the change management control to prevent documents update conflict. Moreover, version control will keep the record of all original and all copies of updated documents. Auto archiving for email that keeps all work emails archived without human interaction and prevent missing email from manual archiving. The system enables employees’ collaboration. The systems grant the user security matrix and various search parameters.

Hisham Samir

IT Manager
“On behalf of our firm I would like to thank you all because of your efforts to make this project success, You did super jobs and it shows! and because of this, we almost reached our goals to have a reliable filing system. It has been a pleasure working with you. And good luck to you in your future challenges.”