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Customer Name: Ahli United Bank

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Project Name: Business Process Management lending solution for SMEs

Offering: Information Management

Customer Need:

As a large bank, operating in the Egyptian market AUB wanted to have a solution offering that improves and facilitates the process of lending SMEs through simple and efficient steps that are easy followed and executed by the bank’s employees.

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprises offered AUB a workflow driven web-based Platform, which allows banks, and commercial lenders to accelerate credit assessment process, streamline approval cycles, deliver better lending services to SMEs by empowering banks with full process visibility and governance along with optimized processes and decision-making capabilities. Since SME, lending process can be long and time consuming.

Solution Benefits:

Our solution offered the following rich features and funtionality with their advantages to AUB:

  • Smart data entry that reduces paperwork and data entry activities required by loan applications.
  • Adaptability to regulate changes; quickly reacts to changing regulations, conditions and rules without affecting the running processes.
  • Seamless integration; support for integration with core banking, CRM and archiving systems.
  • Credit score automation check; performs real-time required credit scoring checks.
  • Lending performance evaluation that tracks progress of loan requests through interactive dashboards and email alerts.