Egyptian Search and Rescue Center

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Customer name: Egyptian Search and Rescue Center

Industry: Defense

Project Name: Business Continuity Solution

Offering: IT Systems

Customer Need:

IT is a major success factor for Search and Rescue Center, it is essential that it should be continuously available to ensure that critical operations continue to be functional even during a disaster.

Project Solution Description:

In this project, Intercom Enterprises offered Business Continuity solution to the Main site of the customer and Disaster recovery for the infrastructure environment.  With managing and orchestration from VMware products in a fully integrated solution.

Solution Benefits:

Business continuity solution that secures the main site from hardware and software failures, reduce IT footprint, simplify management and save on IT hardware costs, by building end – to –end physical infrastructure hardware and software (Storage, Servers, RACK, VMware environments and Microsoft products) that can be upgraded in the future to disaster recovery solution, based on Two Storage replication