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Customer Name: Housing & Development Bank

Industry: Banking Sector

Project Name: ATM Switch Project

Offering: IT Systems

Customer Need:

Housing & Development Bank (HD Bank) was established as an Egyptian joint stock company in 1979. Upon its launch, the key mandate of HD Bank key is to finance moderate housing units to Egypt inhabitants together with a leading role in mending the gap between supply & demand in the real estate market.

HD Bank had a problem where their ATMs where outdated and needs bigger data capacity a better power system while maintaining resiliency, data security and the ability to manage cloud, analytics and mobile workloads with confidence

Project Solution Description:

Intercom Enterprise proposed IBM as it understands your requirement to optimize your IT investment. Being efficient, responsive and responsible is what IBM is all about. IBM is one of the leaders in providing business solutions and services. That success not only comes from years of experience and expertise, but from recognizing that your needs come first. IBM is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to become more efficient and more effective in your business.

Built on POWER8, the first processor designed for big data, Power Systems enterprise servers are designed for your most mission-critical applications requiring the highest service levels, resiliency and no-compromise security. They offer big memory to support the demands of big data and can shift resources dynamically to match the peaks and lulls of business demands. Plus a growing, open server ecosystem continually infuses innovation into Power Systems enabling you to manage cloud, analytics and mobile workloads with confidence

Solution Benefits:

The solution provided by Intercom Enterprises will help HDB become more efficient and more effective. IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment provides an advanced, flexible runtime environment for large-scale application deployments. It offers near-continuous availability with advanced performance and management capabilities for mission-critical applications. Intelligent management and routing, Improved operations and resiliency, Enhanced security and control, Increase developer productivity. All above mentioned points led to a huge leap in the ATM Switch performance and HDB Bank could meet its customers load weather online or offline.